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Favorites include: Brendon Urie, Shawn Mendes, Connor Franta, Troye Sivan, Tyler Oakley, Miranda Sings, Shane Dawson, Logan Paul, Lele Pons, Josh Peck, Jenna Marbles, Manny MUA, Ethan and Grayson Dolan, Alx James, Grace Helbig, Mamrie Hart, Hannah Hart, and Rosanna Pansino.We didn't flat-out ask what media teens are consuming, but in their answers about their favorite Viners and what they did online, 30% of teens we spoke with mentioned Buzz Feed, Buzz Feed Video, Tasty (the Buzz Feed food video Facebook page), and Buzz Feed's quizzes.We didn't want to focus on one particular geographic area, so we talked to teenagers from across the country, including California, Colorado, Mississippi, and Pennsylvania.Every teen we spoke with owned a smartphone, and most owned or regularly used a variety of devices, like gaming consoles, tablets, and desktop computers.We've drawn out the highlights below, along with some data from other sources, so keep scrolling for our guide to teenagers in 2016.For our survey on American teenagers, we talked to a group of about 60 teenagers from across the US, of various socioeconomic classes, grades, and ages.We got a fair number of responses from teens who thought Twitter, Tumblr, and Snapchat were cool (and they are! You've probably never heard of Musical.ly, but it has already cracked the top 20 in Apple's App Store.

Eighty percent of the teens we talked to had no idea what a finsta was, and 92% said they didn't have one.On average, the teens we spoke with received smartphones from their parents when they were 11 years old.At their youngest, they received phones when they were 8; at the other end, one teen's parents made her wait until she was 16 before she got a phone.Too often when writing about what teenagers like, we neglect to talk to the most important group of all: teens.So we decided to put together a State of the Union on the American teenager.

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