Adult cam hack

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We're keeping an eye out for others, but mom has been doing a really good job of incubating!The other eggs should hatch at sometime in the next few days, so keep a lookout for them! When they hatch, they are covered with fluffy white down and have very large feet in proportion to their bodies, but in just 5-6 weeks, the falcons will be fully feathered and ready to fly.May 6 Just in time for Mother's Day weekend, we have chicks in the nest!The first two chicks hatched at some point before noon yesterday.We are also working with the Friends of Camas National Wildlife Refuge who have been setting up a Peregrine Falcon web camera in the refuge for live-streaming.Once that goes online we will notify you so that you can watch that falcon family grow.April 12, 2016 We've had a few folks notice that the video is a bit's likely that the lens on the camera is smeared.Falcons can be a bit messy, but if we were to go up and clean the lens right now, it would disturb the parents and nest.

The kestrels have just begun investigating the nest for the season, so the camera will “go live” as soon as the first egg is laid.This stage of development is called the "branching" stage and the chicks are now referred to as "branchers." They will spend a lot of time flapping their wings in the coming days to strengthen their muscles for flight.May 26 The Peregrine Falcon chicks are getting new jewelry this morning courtesy of Idaho Department of Fish and Game!If you're looking for a way to give back this Earth Day, make a contribution in celebration of Peregrines everywhere at: gift will help in the quest to recover the California Condor so that it too can be removed from the Endangered Species List!

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