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Though Sam took control too soon as Sophie was wrapping her legs and arms around the person who she chose over Sam, who was called Jamie.

Dumbfounded Sam just pushed in all the way as both Jamie and Sophie were naked, pushing Jamie's 12 inch cock deep into Sophie.

Sam looked down at his own body through Jamie's eyes and Sam noticed how by just trying to get his own back at Sophie he had turned Jamie who before Sam changed his mind, was heterosexual male who just wanted to bang anything that walked that didn't have a cock. However now Sam had changed his mind specifically to be the complete polar opposite too what he was.

Sam and made his sex drive higher than it was, Sam wondered if he could do something with his powers as he didn't want to go back to his own body but rather stay in Jamie's, Sam concentrated hard and he managed to force Jamie from his body into Sam's.

What shocked Sam the most was looking down on his unconscious body while Jamie placed him in Sam's bed.

Sam concentrated to try to get back into his body to wake up but as he lunged towards his body he went back into Jamie who was over his body.

With a few minor changes he could change the lifestyle of the person.

Though the ring gave it to him in the form of being able to go into them and take over there body, along with the ability to change their mind from the inside making them think that it was there thought not Sam's.

This ring caught Sam's attention as he felt the urge to pick it up and he did.

The ring was giving off a vibe to wear it which he did. In that 2 minutes a weird mist enveloped Sam that came from the ring.

His Astral form began to drift to Sophie, however due to what happened Sam's thoughts shifted to the person she chose over him, thinking about the build of the body, the age range, the deepness of his voice, height and what his face looks like. Suddenly Sam was on a bed with Sophie but he felt different.

It took a moment for Sam to realise that he was in the person who she chose over Sam.

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