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She has been doing this every day for years and has watched the school, declared by the as one of the worst performing academic high schools with a 33 percent dropout rate, transform into a nationally-celebrated high school with a graduation rate of 97 percent.

At one time, Brockton had a culture that believed that every student had a right to fail, and fail they did.

The student being greeted responds, Good Morning, in return.

This routine is established early and continues throughout the school year with new greeter leaders rotating each week or month.

This is the doorway of , one of the kindergarten teachers, explains that at the beginning of every school year, the primary teachers look for students who would like to be Greeter Leaders for the month.

This responsibility works well with the schools civic leadership culture.

Today, there is a culture of consistency that says every student has a right to succeed.

And, that message is delivered to the students each day they walk through the doors of the school and are greeted. Combs was once the lowest performing school in the district.

In the second study, students got on task faster when they were greeted at the door, in comparison to the control class that was not greeted.

Your wait person welcomes you and takes care of your needs.

Your perception of this greeting will largely influence the amount of your tip.

Making Your Students Feel Seen Greeting students will have the most immediate impact on your day or each class period.

A sincere greeting establishes a positive climate for the classroom. You are greeted when you visit someones home or business, board an airplane, enter a place of worship, or just see a friend.

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