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During the setup to the joke, the cortex's left hemisphere began its analytical function of processing words.Shortly afterward, most of the brain activity moved to the frontal lobe which is the center of emotionality.To be honest we dont give a damm if your offended, if you are, its possible that a narrow minded outlook has caused you problems, if you are easily offended Laughing is found to lower blood pressure, reduce stress hormones, increase muscle flexion, and boost immune function by raising levels of infection-fighting T-cells, disease-fighting proteins called Gamma-interferon and B-cells, which produce disease-destroying antibodies.Laughter also triggers the release of endorphins, the body's natural painkillers, and produces a general sense of well-being.

In 2000, a team at the University of Maryland reported that people who stated that they used humor more often were less likely to have had heart attacks.There are few sources of stress in life greater than the words, "You have cancer." And we have known for decades that any kind of stress--especially chronic stress that's there day after day--has a suppressive effect on the immune system. Embracing in silence and sound Together in endless song, is harmony. There have always been doctors who have emphasized the importance of a "will to live" in fighting serious diseases.You are more vulnerable to becoming ill when constantly stressed precisely because your immune system is not operating as well is it normally would--if you were under less stress or were coping with it more effectively. Most recently, this banner has been carried nobly by Dr. He emphasizes the importance of hope, determination, optimism and a "fighting spirit" among patients who are battling cancer Evidence of the importance of a fighting spirit was obtained in another study of cancer survivors.Derks, at the College of William and Mary in Williamsburg, has shown that there is a unique pattern of brain wave activity during the perception of humor.EEG's were recorded on subjects while they were presented with humorous material.

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