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Unfortunately there is no support for Dolby Vision or AMD's GPUs or CPUs.

Also, naturally, if you aren't connected to a HDR supported TV, or other HDR display, it doesn't matter what type of PC you have.

Supported by most high-end TVs, HDR gives you a clearer, more vibrant image with blacker blacks and more contrast.

However, in addition to HDR supporting display, your playback platform also needs to support the feature.

Now Netflix has added HDR support more specifically HDR10 to Windows 10. You will need to use the Windows 10 app or Edge browser, so no love for Chrome users.

5G NR supports a wide array of bands ranging from a low of 600-700MHz to high of 50GHz.

That means that the technology supports many circumstances with different range and penetration requirements.

3rd Generation Partnership Project, known more commonly as 3GPP, has finished first fifth generation wireless network specifications earlier this week.

The consortium gathered in Lisbon, where they announced the next-generation mobile network specifications.

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