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However, this has often been based upon incorrect assumptions.The public is not always willing and does not always need to change its oral health behavior to the same extent as that expected by the dental profession.skeletal malocclusion, anatomical oral malformations, etc.) and long term treatment with active fixed appliances, often including surgical or prosthetic involvement.Orthodontic appliances and brackets should be fully recognized as plaque retaining vehicles.Traditionally, preventive dentistry has assumed that most oral diseases are preventable and effective methods (including oral hygiene) have been revealed.The profession has correctly acknowledged that applied prevention is not always easy and demands optimal cooperation and motivation of the public.Preventive dentistry has assumed that: knowledge and information promote health; patients more often than not want to change their behaviors; patients more often than not need to change their behavior; patients believe that oral health is of the utmost importance; patients are motivated to do what we tell them; health promotion demands the modification of all health behaviors.

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Low risk patients would include those with minor orthodontic treatment: short term removable appliances; medium risk would include patients undergoing longer term orthodontic treatment, usually with active fixed appliances; high risk patients would include complex cases (e.g.

Over the last few years the concept of Caries Management Based on Risk Assessment (CAMBRA) has been widely adopted and applied to dental practice.

This has been clearly presented and described in an applicative pragmatic manner.

Please fill out this Background Check Authorization and submit to RE staff.

Good oral hygiene has always been the cornerstone of public and private dental health promotion.

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