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It's not flattering, and worse, it doesn't even mean they really want to meet you.

People who receive emails from trollers are often rejected when they reply.

But whether or not the reasons for being rejected are valid, there's a sense that you're disposable.

It's an emotional space you don't want to occupy for long.

Boston manages to meld scrappy and intellectual -- a relatively small city that is home to some of the most prestigious universities in the world, bolstered by culture, parks and a fine quality of life.

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More Than A Face I don't believe attraction is limited to the physical.

Not Alligator Skin No matter how often I remind my clients not to take rejection personally, they always do to some extent.

It saddens me to watch someone I care about get hurt, and it reminds me of my own drama around rejection.

While I think it's myopic, fighting it is an uphill battle you won't win.

If you stray from someone's specified age range, you're courting rejection.

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