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Scottmw15 had cranked up the corporate tax rate so that a massive portion of every bounty would go directly into his wallet.What’s more, he’d force the recruits to sell him whatever loot they found at a fraction of the price so that he could flip it on the market for double the profit.“He’d make examples of them.” On Standing United’s Discord chat server, Scottmw15 would frequently humiliate and terrorise players.

Is the Bible relevant to modern discussions about race and ethnicity?The moment the fleet of Svipul-class tactical destroyers crashed through the gates of Standing United’s home system was the greatest moment of Circo Maximo’s virtual life.Leading the charge was a man who had once tried to take everything from him.“The idea was that I would infiltrate his corporation, befriend him, get a leadership role, and then rob everything,” Scooter says.Making matters easier, Scottmw15’s corporation, Standing United, recruited only brand-new players. In November 2016, EVE Online launched a limited free-to-play option that allows players to explore New Eden without the intimidating cost of a monthly subscription.

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