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While it’s extremely unfortunate, it’s also very common for one person to dictate where the relationship is going while the other person is blindly dragged along.Maybe we keep playing along out of fear because being alone seems to be a worse fate than being part of a half-assed relationship (if you can even call it that).One way is through Top Build's charity-of-the-month program where the company has agreed to match contributions made by its employees.Kent Sharples, president of the CEO Business Alliance, a private group of Volusia County business leaders that works to help recruit companies to the area, said Top Build's decision to keep its headquarters in Daytona Beach "adds to the strength of our corporate community,""It's important for us to have large national and international companies based here like NASCAR, International Speedway Corp., Brown & Brown and Teledyne (Oil & Gas)," he said.I’ve certainly played my fair share of this guessing game.It seems like I’ve been playing cat and mouse with boys since my preschool days when I’d chase my crush around the playground yelling, “You’re my boyfriend! If I’d rather keep it sans-title and casual, I’ll make that clear to spare us both the pain.

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With that spinoff now completed, the company proceeded with signing the lease for the site, which is owned by the Fisher family, who also are landlords of the 46,000-square-foot building Top Build currently leases.

Masco Contractor Services in 2010 was honored as recipient of the Daytona Regional Chamber of Commerce's Enterprise Award for outstanding community service.

Buck, who had relocated to the area that year to become CEO of Masco Contractor Services, said Top Build intends to remain active in its support for the community.

You ask her if she wants to go to a concert with you that is two months away, and she says, “Sure! One thing is for certain: If you can't define this "thing" you have with the person you're seeing, you're officially in "The Gray Area."Lingering in the "The Gray Area" will eat you alive.

”You’ve been hooking up for months now, so the relationship is exclusive, right? Not knowing where you stand with someone who you want to have a serious relationship with is a form of torture that many of us know, hate and for some reason, continue to endure.

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