Austin single parents dating

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I would not have been able to live in the Bay Area and stay home with my young daughters, working part-time, send them to our desired preschools, etc. And that rental has some semblance of a yard where I can put some chickens, or some other Portland cliche like that. Many great parks and trails around The City of Trees.

I had a lot of fun with friends and loved the diversity in the Bay Area that is really lacking in Austin. Lifestyle-wise, Austin is much more balanced but that balance is not without costs. Starting a family [so we] wanted to spend time with kids and not in traffic or on two jobs, making just enough to be broke and using credit card to finish the month off. Craft beer and farm to fork food scene is incredible. The rivers and Folsom Lake are very relaxing afternoon getaways too.

Curb appeal After an ill-fated Austin vacation 12 years ago, Emma Massingill said she “swore up and down” that she’d never move to Texas.

Things changed after college, when she found herself struggling to save money, even while working long hours at a Santa Cruz newspaper and living with her parents. Paul O’Brien, 41, has lived in Austin for seven years now, and he’s careful not to idealize the city.

Yes, it's more affordable and laid back than the Bay Area. I have no idea yet, but in my mind I am already living a better life away from the Bay Area.

The people are generally friendlier and it feels like home. I (will be) living in a rental where rent doesn't jump 20% every time I re-sign my lease.

The people are extremely accepting of people regardless of race, religion, sexual orientation, or gender identity.

I originally left for school and I wanted to go somewhere where I was a little out of my comfort zone.Click through the slides above to hear from those who have relocated to Austin, Texas.We'll explore other relocation areas in future articles, so follow SFGATE for more.On the downside, there seems to be lower career mobility, I miss being in a walking city, and the summer heat is brutal.We considered moving back about 1.5 yrs ago for a new job with a better title and more money.

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