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If the great radical-conservative dream was, in Grover Norquist’s famous words, to “drown government in a bathtub,” then this was what the final gasps of one department might look like.

“There may be hope for us after all,” a veteran staffer in one local HUD office told his colleagues. In late November, word got out that Trump’s choice to run HUD was Carson.

And Donald Trump had chosen to lead the department someone with zero experience in government or social policy — the nominee whose unsuitability most mirrored Trump’s lack of preparation to run the country.

This prospect was causing alarm even among HUD’s former Republican leaders. Bush’s second secretary, Alphonso Jackson, warned Carson against cutting further into HUD’s manpower.

“We were trying to be supportive,” Henry Cisneros, from the Clinton administration, told me.

But it was hard for the ex-secretaries to get a read on Carson’s plans, not least because the whisper-voiced retired pediatric neurosurgeon was being overshadowed by an eighth person at the table: his wife, Candy.

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