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In his senior year and as the undergraduate trustee on the University's Board of Trustees, he instituted a -per-semester student fee increase to be matched by the federal grant, with monies to be earmarked for the university's endowment.The fees were expected to total nearly 0,000 per semester.Reed's committee assignments were the following: Senate Judiciary Committee, Special Judiciary Committee, Ethics Committee, Transportation Committee and the State and Local Government Operations Committee.He also serves as vice-chairman of the Georgia Senate Democratic Caucus.Cochran has since filed suit in federal court alleging wrongful termination.In June 2015, Reed praised the Supreme Court's ruling in favor of same-sex marriage and ordered Atlanta City Hall to be lit in rainbow colors in celebration of what he called "a momentous victory for freedom, equality, and love." Along with Georgia Governor Nathan Deal, Reed was a major proponent of a campaign for a transportation special-purpose local-option sales tax, which would have levied a 1% local sales tax for ten years, from 2013 until 2022, to fund transportation infrastructure projects.After 2001 changes to the flag which removed this, Governor of Georgia Roy Barnes, who had led the flag-redesign effort, was defeated for re-election; many thought it was the result of the political backlash.The 1956 version with the Confederate States of America battle emblem, known as a St.

He praises Reed as "combining a soft touch with a hard head." Since the 1990s, the official State Flag of Georgia had been a center of controversy as it incorporated the historic Confederate flag dating to the American Civil War, which among some people is thought to symbolize resistance to cultural changes in the state.

The bible curriculum bill, which came a few years after Democrats opposed Republican attempts to promote teaching a translation of the scriptures, was an attempt to preempt a Republican attempt to display the Ten Commandments in schools.

Faith is an area where Georgia Democrats differ from the national party.

The book, in expressing his interpretation of Christian teaching, describes homosexuality as a "perversion." Cochran wrote and self-published the book in 2013.

There remain questions regarding whether Mayor Reed knew of the book and its contents before Cochran was fired.

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