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As its smokey, rubbery and woody notes implie, Black is created for a man living a metropolitan life. It starts with a smoky black tea, in this case lapsang souchong, urban and masculine, simulating rubber, car tires, cars, roads and motor noise while the notes of amber and woody notes remind that even the largest cities hide romantic moments at sunsets. The first fragrance I've tried that I would describe as a 'scrubber'. I was able to get a whiff of the rubber, but I found it very understated. I'm going to give this one time to reveal itself to me, but for now it's just "nice." This is NOT that similar to Midnight in Paris. I used six sprays..wrist, back & front of my neck, chest and front of my shirt. The bottle may look like a tire, but to me, does not smell like all, thank goodness!! My blind purchased bottle arrived today and I applied a little spray on my wrist to test it out over what I was already wearing (Prada Sport).Blind purchased this and Body Kouros based on my appreciation of Annick Menardo's Xeryus Rouge. Without luck, gave it two nauseating hours to see if it settle down into something more palatable. I had a victim/friend all picked out - but she works in a hospital.... It was an undercurrent that prevented the powder from becoming too girly or baby's bottom. Yes, it's a similar type of scent, but it's not a twin, or even immediate family... If you love Mi P, there's no guarantee you'll even like this. At this point I've honestly lost track of how many times I've smelt my wrist on the car ride home from work. If there are other perfumes with the same type of opening, please let me know. Some fragrances are not ment to be categorized in the ususal way as male, female, orinental, aquatic and whatnot. I still miss the very masculine scent, or opening, like if you just had been in a garage and repaired cars for hours. Compliments: NA/5 (No one said anything about this fragrance). To create and launch a conceptual fragrance, the house must be already strong enough in market terms, so it doesn't hurt the overall business if it flops.

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If you're new to the fragrance community then buy it, if you have 50 plus bottles already you might want to skip this. I have a stock of 20 batches, and it goes easily for 8 to 10 hours with 3 of strong projection and marvelous sillage. Still, this has to be tried by every serious fragrance fan and it's a must in every collection as things like this in Fragworld are rare. My only complain is about performance is so weak, after one or more hour it dissapears, starts like it ll raze everything to the ground and vanishes quickly. Weird that there is no iris note in Black, it would totally match. As a few others have noted, this is easily a daytime fragrance.

I will say that the amber and a soft soft leather lasts an extremely long time and it quite beautiful. Not Body odor sweat, but the sweat of a God or Goddess.

I would only wear this in the fall and winter during the day with a leather jacket or rugged clothing. You know that scent of glistening sweat of the person you are in love with. I get the the rubber note at first, but it is not a harsh latex smell.

After a few days, much to my surprise, I found myself craving that brand new comforting bike tire smell. The difference is that this perfume have a leather accord in addition to tea. Black's cool hat is a tarry, petrochemical note in the top that's impressively interesting and must have been unique when it first came out. I don't know what it was like before reformulations, but this (2016) batch is an instant, weak skin scent once the alcohol has evaporated on me.

And today, I am sitting here doused in cozy vanilla bike tire wonderfulness. Not sure what all the trashing on the performance is about. I would say this is more tame than au the noir, which is more peppery. After about 30 minutes, though, that fades into a friendly but very bland white musk and vanilla scent. I get super smooth, new rubber with a vanilla/marshmallow vibe on my skin. Immediately after application (4-6 spritzes), my girlfriend won't even notice it while cuddling on the couch if I don't mention it.

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