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Each Professional Modeling program includes 19 weeks of lessons on poise, style, presentation, and much more. From current and former models to satisfied clients and proud parents, our reputation and history speak for themselves.Discover why Models International Management remains one of Ottawa’s leading and most-respected modeling agencies. I am now retired, and I wanted to do something new and exciting.PLUS – clips featuring Abbott and Costello and Irving Berlin. PROGRAM 6: JACK ARMSTRONG, THE ALL-AMERICAN BOY (1939) Isolated episode.Jack, Billy, Betty and Uncle Jim visit the mysterious Great Grand Lama in Tibet to return the Secret Sacred Sanskrit parchment scroll.selected by the girls back home.” HITLER’S MOCK BIRTHDAY PARTY (4-20-42) The Treasury Department turns Herr Hitler’s 54 birthday into an occasion to sell United States War Bonds at a rally in Times Square, New York.

After a year’s absence from radio, Fred tells how he finally got back on the air: he became Charlie Mc Carthy’s partner after Charlie left Bergen.A story within a story offering a look at the behind-the-scenes of radio broadcasting.HARRY RICHMAN (1936) The popular radio singer-songwriter-orchestra leader on the air for Dodge automobiles.MAXWELL HOUSE COFFEE TIME (12-4-47) starring George Burns and Gracie Allen with their guest Bing Crosby, with Meredith Willson and the orchestra.BILL STERN’S SPORTS NEWSREEL (9-14-45) The sportscaster with the 306th edition of the Colgate Sports Newsreel. PLUS – clips of It Pays to Be Ignorant; Lowell Thomas; Bing Crosby in 1930; and radio theme songs. PROGRAM 3: HOLLYWOOD NEWS WITH JIMMY FIDLER (1-15-45) The noted film columnist and broadcaster offers the latest Tinseltown gossip.

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