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All About Butches - A Primer on Butch Lesbians What does it mean to be a butch lesbian?

Gather with bois and grrls in your local area and make ... Team Gina - Butch/Femme Video - You Tube 8/15/2007 · Video embedded · Available on i Tunes!!!

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On our site, you’ll have the ability to find Dyke Lesbian and Bi women singles, both locally and worldwide, whose interests, goals, and desires match yours, allowing you to have fun making new friends, create a long term relationship, or just date quality women casually.

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The latter indicates someone who conforms to the typical notions of feminity – in other words she is girlie in her appearance and dress sense.

Also known as ‘lipstick’, the femme is a lesbian who loves fashion, makeup and all the traditional female conventions straight women follow.

Like heterosexual partners, those looking for same-sex love also have preferences when it comes to appearance and personality.Start dating and making friends with eligible Dyke Lesbians locally and worldwide.For over a decade, we’ve been the the premier dating site for Dyke Lesbians worldwide.Lesbian writers and dating experts point out that there are several women looking for same-sex love who fit somewhere in between the two extremes of butch and femme and could be identified by all sorts of labels: femmy butches, soft butches, high femmes, blue jean femmes, bois and even trannies.So if you are thinking of dating a butch woman, be open to a whole range of interests and personality types she may exhibit.

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