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I even uninstalled the Microsoft Office completely to gain some drive space, but this did not help much. Bought this in Jan of 2017, needed a cheap laptop for scanning and emailing some work documents each week.

I barely have anything in my storage, (about 500mb of pictures) and only have Chrome and Adobe installed in terms of programs, and yet somehow of my 32gig hard drive, I only have between 500mb and 1.1 gigs of free space. I have absolutely zero personal files on the computer, and absolutely NO additional software besides the included Win10 and MS Office.

Boost productivity in your daily activities with the ASUS Vivo PC K31CD desktop computer.

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Had to do a complete system restore and remove the linux install. I also had to get a new keyboard and mouse as the desktop did not play nice with my other USB wireless keyboard/mouse combo. I've only had it for a few days but I'm impressed in the speed and absolute quiet operation.Not as big deal but at least an illustration on the setup instructions might have saved me a few quarters in the swear jar. The hard drive is huge, it's wireless, supports 5G, has bluetooth and a decent processor. I can't really give a review of this computer - because it has never really worked! (mid-July, 6 months after spending my money.) Should I bother? Bottom line: It's decent enough to get you through for a while until you can build yourself a much better computer. Its Smart Cooling System and Q-Fan technology keep the system cool and quiet so it consistently performs at its peak. No lag whatsoever when recording or streaming either, which I was pleasantly surprised.Tried adding an additional 4gb DDR4 1600Mhz (2x2GB) ram.

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