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You can’t lock up a low-level drug offender forever. We need evidence-based approaches to dealing with crime—not criminologically illiterate policy based on “tough on crime” claptrap.He was a very skilled writer—far more skilled than the modern “replacements” for him. Also, I think his overly pessimistic outlook was insidious.The fact of the matter is that Obama did nothing for black people specifically. I think people who are serious about helping to reduce poverty should be pushing the idea of skill acquisition.The minimum wage is supposed to be a training wage. The only way to escape poverty in a market-based economy is to acquire skills that are valued in the market. The fact of the matter is that it is just political posturing to tell people that making a few extra dollars at their minimum wage jobs will meaningfully improve the trajectory of their lives. The United States has 5% of the world’s population and 25% of the world’s prisoners.Is not transubstantiation simply a very literal interpretation of “this is my body and blood”?And also the immaculate conception a valid logical inference from her address as “full of grace” given my angel Gabriel and also her necessary condition in order to carry a divine being?Irrespective of whatever happens in Washington, I’m going to achieve my goals over the next four years. A man who was sued by the federal government for discriminating against black people in housing cannot be said to be for black people.His nationalism is white nationalism—and white nationalism is white supremacy. There has to be some common ground on policy—even if there are serious ideological differences.

If he were alive today, he’d be so saddened to see the way blacks reliably vote Democratic without demanding political goods in return. I write my Curious Cat responses pretty quickly from my smartphone, so the writing is less polished and structured than my essay writing.There are many more answers that are worth reading on relationships, culture, music, and other interesting topics. If not, the piece details some of what I believe is coming.This is largely because he did not subscribe to the fashionable Marxism that blacks worship and treat as a necessary element of blackness and pro-black activism today. By contrast, Marcus Garvey understood the dangers of birth control being used to conduct genocide against blacks.As a general rule, I tend to be more sympathetic to thinkers who can get the issue of life right! I don’t agree with everything he said and did, but he was right on the money regarding black economic empowerment.

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