Carbon dating non organic materials

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When I feature a leather piece made by a fairly paid artisan, I get at least one interaction questioning my ethics. If not, it doesn’t seem very ethical,” read one typical response.The unnecessary death of animals is of course a bad thing, but as we can see in the case of the silkworm, an animal’s death sometimes produces social and even environmental benefits.

Now, let’s look back at those worms that were put to death in boiling water.Traditional southern Chinese silks are handmade in a closed-loop ecosystem, in which the silkworms that spin the superfine threads eat the leaves of mulberry trees planted by ponds, the fish in the ponds eat the worm poop, and in turn fertilize the mulberry trees.In Asia, which produces the lion’s share of silk, the boiled pupae are fried up and eaten as a low-carbon protein source—not a bad byproduct for a rapidly growing country badly in need of food.Livro digital (livro eletrónico/eletrônico ou o anglicismo e-book) é qualquer conteúdo de informação, semelhante a um livro, em formato digital, que pode ser lido em equipamentos eletrônicos - computadores, PDAs, Leitor de livros digitais ou até mesmo celulares que suportem esse recurso.Os formatos mais comuns de Ebooks são o PDF, HTML e o e PUB.

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