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Question: I live overseas with my husband and two boys.

My sister visits often due to work travel and generous vacation benefits.

I’m waiting to decide until after we see each other during a weeklong event we’re both going to for this organization.

The issue is we live about eight hours apart by car, and both like where we live in terms of community and job options.

I’ve done long-distance before and know that the end result is either we break up or someone moves.

"I'm cooking tonight, but I have a late meeting tomorrow. " You also, though, can just pull back on the time and effort you put in. Just establish new terms for the visits and live by them, leaving her to choose between acting like a family member and pitching in, or a guest but enjoying fewer comforts.That will deny you essential information on day-to-day (-to-day-to-day) life together that you just can’t get from visits.So, one of you will be uprooting everything based solely on a whole lot of what-ifs — and knowing only one person but needing connections of your own outside that to maintain some healthy independence.What I'd really like is for you to pitch in as if you're a member of the household. Another option is a nearby hotel, but I'd rather make it work with you here." If you could say this to her without her getting defensive, then you probably would have long since done so.But, since you're already cutting your sister off by silent means, you might as well take a shot at keeping her close through communication means.

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