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8 killed 5216 to RFC Albuquerque Aug 2, 1945 5217 (301st BG, 352nd BS) lost May 10, 1943. 5226 surveyed Rapid City AAF Sep 8, 1943 5227 condemned inventory Jul 8, 1944 5228 (454th BG) lost Jul 20, 1944. To RFC at Searcy Field, Stillwater, OK Sep 24, 1945. 57819 (MSN 10189) 57820 (MSN 10190) 57821 (MSN 10191) 57822 (MSN 10192) to Brazilian AF as 2208 in 1955. 57829 (MSN 10199) to US civil registry as N6235C, to LEBCA International, Inc Aug 1955 as N6235C. Seen derelict at Eldorado International Airport, Bogota, Colombia 1973-1997. 57831 (MSN 10201) crashed Kenia AP, Alaska Jul 21, 1950.

MACR 15304 5218 (306BG 423BS "Sky Wolf") shot down by AA fire, crashed near Keil, Germany 13-Jun-43. 5219 (305th BG, 364th BS) lost May 17, 1943, L'Orient, France. 5224 surveyed Hill AAF, UT May 10, 1943 5225 (91st BG, 323rd BS) shot down Aug 17, 1943 by Lt Artur Beese in Fw 190A of JG 26/1 at Balen, Belgium. MACR 6971 Also listed as reclamation completed Tinker AAF Feb 13, 1946 5229 surveyed Leesburg AAF Jun 22, 1943. Sold by War Assets Corp to Paul Mantz Feb 19, 1946 5265 to RFC Albuquerque Jun 25, 1945 5266 damaged in takeoff accident at Jacson AAB, MS Jan 25, 1945. Parted out and derelict at Touala IAP 93488 (MSN 13405) to Deccan Airways of India as VT-AUN. To Zonas Oeste y Norte de Aerolineas Argentinas (ZONDA) as LV-ABZ. 57830 (MSN 10200) to US civil registry as N6247C, to Cruzeiro do Sul of Brazil as PP-CEF. 57832 (MSN 10202) to civilian registry as N2054A, HP-219 (ntu), to Expreso Aero Peruano SA, Lima, Peru as OB-RAB-439, later OB-RAA-439, OB-WAF-439, OB-UAB-439, to TG-AVA Nov 1958 with Guatemalteca. 49-2588 Lockheed F-94A-5-LO MSN 780-7020/7110 Transfers to MASDC from redesignated EF-94. Currently on display at WBAFB Museum, Dayton Ohio 2499 crashlanded 3 mi N of Chillicothe, Ohio Sep 3, 1950 2500 bailed to Cornell University Aeronautical Laboratory for testing as EF-49A.

Apparently had engine trouble from the start and had been dragging behind all the way. MACR 15471 5176 condemned collision Dec 27, 1943 5177 (303rd BG, 359th BS, "Fast Worker II" aka "Fast Woman") condemned salvage no battle damage Dec 13, 1943 5178 (91st BG, 322nd BS, "The Old Stand By") shot down by Uffz. 5179 condemned enemy operations Jun 25, 1943 5180 (306th BG, 423rd BS, "DFC") shot down by Uffz. 5243 (303rd BG, 359th BS, "FDR's Potato Peeler Kids" aka "Idaho Potato Peeler Kids") shot down by fighters over sea May 14, 1943. condemned Dec 7, 1943 5245 (97th BG, 414th BS) shot down by Bf 109G-6 in Italy Aug 25, 1943. 5252 to RFC Searcy Field, Stillwater, OK Jul 31, 1945. DBR when forcelanded at Brampton, England Mar 28, 1946 following engine failure on takeoff. The wreck was abandoned, but noted still in place in 1972. Crashed at Vera Cruz, Mexico Nov 7, 1964 57808 (MSN 10178) to Bankers Life and Casualty Co, Chicago, IL as N5123B. To N9701F Mar 1960, Converted in 1973 to Jet-Packet 2400B.

Karl Fey in Bf 110G-20 of ZG 1/1 W of Flensburg, Germany Oct 9, 1943. Hans-Georg Guthenke in Fw 190A-4 of JG 11/3 at Bourtange, Netherlands Jun 25, 1943. Sold by War Assets Corp to Paul Mantz Feb 19, 1946 5253 (305th BG, 366th BS) lost Apr 4, 1943. Correspondence on the Air-Britain chat site suggests that the Air America identity was 603, not 607 - or maybe both were worn at different times? 57809 (MSN 10179) 57810 (MSN 10180) to Cruzeiro do Sul Sep 1958 as PP-CEM. To Briles Wing and Helicopter, Inc Feb 1973, then to Ball Bros, inc of Alaska May 1, 1978.

Was originally a P-38E redesignated F-4-1 Mar 13, 1942, and redesignated F-5A-2 Jun 27, 1942. Starboard undercarriage collapsed on landing at Coumalie Creek, NT Sep 2, 1944. W/o Nov 18, 1943 at Cimmaron Field, OK, to CL-26 at Will Rogers Field Nov 19, 1943 2180 salvaged Jul 5, 1943 2181 wrecked at Colorado Springs, CO Sep 3, 1943 2182 (MSN 222-5400) redesignated RP-38E Oct 22, 1942. Served with Yugoslavian Air Force (Yugoslovensko Ratno Vazduhoplovovsto - J. V) coded 13064 (or, as thought for some years, 13024). Rebuild started Tulsa, OK, finished at Casper, WY, 1980-1986. Melsheimer, Carson City, NV, May 9, 1996 Registered N47DF to Alan Wojciak, Wellington, NV, Jul 16, 2008, current. 49386 in midair collision and crashed near Wilson, NC Aug 13, 1945. 57741 (MSN 10111) to Bankers Life and Casualty Co of Chicago, IL as N5110B 1957-1969 57742 (MSN 10112) 57743 (MSN 10113) crashed at Neubiberg, West Germany Nov 22, 1950.

41-2171 Lockheed F-4-1-LO Lightning MSN 222-5376/5389. Originally ordered as P-38E, but completed as F-4-1-LO 2158 to RAAF as A55-1 in 8/1943. W/o Jun 15, 1943 at Kweilin AB, China, condemned Jun 15, 1943 2179 redesignated RP-38E Oct 22, 1942. Oct 25-29, 1945 Transferred to No.4185 AAF Base Unit, Independence Army Air Field, Independence, KS, Air Technical Service Command (For Storage ? Nov 14, 1951 Mutual Assistance Pact signed, under which Yugoslavia received substantial arms aid from Britain and the USA, including 150 P-47 Thunderbolts from the US. Full power run-up not completed due brakes not holding; applied full power halfway down runway and stalled off end of runway. Scrapped at Long Beach airport, California in 1972.

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MACR 12410 2170 to reclamation at Hill Field Mar 20, 1946 2171 wrecked at Pinon, CO Oct 20, 1942 41-2173 ... Jul 5, 1945 Transferred to No.281 AAF Base Unit, Brownsville Municipal Airport, Brownsville, Texas, still as part of Second Air Force, Continental Air Forces. Sep 9, 1945 Returned to No.283 AAF Base Unit, Galveston Army Air Field. 49476 to Peru 49478 to Peru 49481 to Chile in 1947 as 759. 49484 (401st Air Force Base Unit, Caribbean Defense Command) lost from unknown cause 100 mi S of Cape Mala, Panama while on z flight to Santiago, Chile Jul 18, 1946. 57740 (MSN 10110) was assigned Sep 13, 1948 to Berlin Airlift.

2160 salvaged Jul 9, 1945 2161 crashed Turkahead Mtn, CO May 17, 1942. On display at Pinto Martins AB, Fortaleza 1970-1987. Airplane Sales International, Santa Monica (later Beverly Hills), CA, 1988-1996. 49156 to Peru 49167 on display at WPAFB Museum, marked as P-47D-30-RA 44-32718. To civilian registry as N47DB and to USAF Museum in 1982. Removed from active service and stored at Tinker AFB, OK. Withdrawn from service and stored at Piura Air Base in the open until 1969. 49295 (MSN 399-55834) Jun 11, 1945 Accepted by USAAF. Airplane Sales International, Santa Monica, CA, 1988-1990. 49434 to Peru 49437 to Peru 49441 served with 131st TFS, 104th TFW of Massachusetts ANG at Otis AFB between 19. Retired 1959 49451 to Peru 49452 to Peru 49458 (MSN 399-55997) to Peru. In 1987 was at New England Air Museum, Windsor Locks, CT. 57736 (MSN 10106) to civilian registry as N4835V, then XB-ZUZ, LV-PNY, LV-GIS.

11623 (MSN 119) W/o 17Jul 1942 at Geiger Field, WA. As acquired by the RAF Museum, the aircraft was described as an amalgam of parts but complete except for one small panel and indeed had the Yugoslav serial 13064 painted on the cowling and fin when inspected by the RAF Museum in February 1986. To Mexican civilian registry as XB-YOA, XA-LIK, then CP-678 with Aerovias Condor of Bolivia.

17877 (320th BG, 441st BS, "Mary Lou III") damaged Apr 25, 1943. 17890 (17th BG, 34th BS) down 20 mi W of Gabes Jan 14, 1943 17893 damaged Jan 16, 1943 in landing at Waller Field, British West Indies 17894 (17th BG, 37th BS) last seen turning back near Tamarel Jan 7, 1943 17895 (320th BG, 441st BS, Herbie the Third") in takeoff crash Feb 4, 1943. 17915 (450th BS, 322nd BG, 9th AF) collided with another aircraft over England Mar 30, 1943. All crew survived, aircraft badly damaged, unknown if repaired. 17921 (17th BG, 432nd BS) shot up bu landed safely Sep 14, 1943. 17926 w/o Jun 1, 1943 in landing at Thomasville, GA 17922 (319th BG, 438th BS) crshed on takeoff at Sale, nosewheel collapsed May 12, 1943 17923 to French AF in North Africa Feb 1944 17924 (17th BG, 96th BS, "Gremlin's Roost") hit by 88 mm AAA and crashed behind enemy lines at Milis, Sardinia, Italy Jul 3, 1943. MACR 99 17928 (17th BG, 432nd BS shot down by AAA 5 mi W of La Hencha, Tunisia Mar 1, 1943. 17942 (320th BG, 444th BS) in landing accident at Vandalia AF, Ohio Oct 31, 1942. 42-3283 Douglas-Long Beach B-17F-40-DL Fortress MSN 8165/8219 3229 (100th BG, *Pasadena Nina*) shot down by Obfw Adolf Glunz in Fw 190A-6 of JG 26/5 at Kootwijkerbroek, Netherlands om mission to Munseter Oct 10, 1943. Assigned to 418th BS/100th BG at Podington May 31, 1943, to Thorpe Abbots Jun 9, 1943. MACR 2028 3258 (379th BG, 527th BS) shot down by AA at Bremen, Germany Oct 8, 1943. 3260 (100th BG, 349th BS, *Angel's Tit*) shot down by Fw Edgar Dorre in Bf 109G-4/R6 of JG 26/9 over North Sea 30 km N of Langeoog, Germany on mission to Bremen Jun 25, 1943. MACR 271 3261 (96th BG, 413th BS, "Short Strike IV") shot down by AAA near Hamburg, German Dec 13, 1943. Transferred to 351st BS, 100th BG at Thorpe Abbotts Jul 5, 1943, named *Nine Little Yanks and A Jerk*. MACR 2349 3286 (95th BG, 336th BS) crashed in Kiel Bay, Denmark Jun 13, 1943. Egon Mayer in FW-190A-6 of JG 2/Stab at Les Essarts-le-Roi, France Jul 14, 1943 on mission to Villacoublay, France. Egon Mayer in FW-190A-6 of JG 2/Stab at Saint-Germain-des-Angles, France Jul 14, 1943. MACR 1819 5171 (306th BG, 368th BS) lost Apr 17, 1943. Sold to Pakair as AP-ACF and then to Meteor Air Transport as N1549V. Reregistered as ET-AAT and w/o Nov 30, 1963 on a test flight. Butler Air delivered to Australia April 14, 1948 for the Australian National Airlines, registered as VH-IND, named 'Menana', next to Aviation Sales in Auckland, NZ as ZK-BYE. 93600 (MSN 13530) damaged in landing Oct 29, 1947 at Kindley Field, Bermuda 93601 (MSN 13531, C-117C) to TAC in 1963 93605 (MSN 13535) to NEIAF as DT-987, callsign VH-RCD. To Ohio Oil Co of Guatemala in Dec 1960 as TG-OOC-5, to Interior Airways Inc as N208M. 57796 (MSN 10166) crashed at Rhein-Main AFB, West Germany Aug 16, 1951.

17878 (17th BG, 432nd BS) down over target Feb 3, 1943 17881 (17th BG, 34th BS) crashed on landing in Brazil 17883 (17th BG, 37th BS, 12th AF) hit by German fighter and crashed in Mediterranean 6 mi N of Cape Bizerte, Tunisia with wing on fire Mar 22, 1943. 17896 w/o Jan 30, 1943 in landing at Avon Park Bombing Range, FL 17898 (17th BG, 95th BS) shot down NW of Kasserine Pass Mar 1, 1943 17900 (320th BG, then to 319th BG, then to 17th BG, 432nd BS) shot up but landed safely Sep 14, 1943. 17901 (17th BG, 95th BS) W/o Feb 25, 1945 17903 (17th BG, 37th BS, "Hell Cat") returned to USA for promotional duties Jul 15, 1943. 17909 damage May 15, 1944 in ground accident at Scott Field, IL 17911 (17th BG, 432nd BS) w/o after belly landing at Telergma, Algeria Feb 15, 1943 17912 (17th BG, 37th BS) MIA Feb 24, 1943 17914 (17th BG, 432nd BS, 12th AF) shot down by Bf 110F-4 over Mediterranean Sea Mar 11, 1943 while attacking a convoy in Mediterranean. 17917 (17th BG, 432nd BS) shot down by AAA west of Gabes Jan 10, 1943 17918 to French AF in North Africa Feb 1944 17920 (17th BG, 34th BS, 12th AF) shot down by AAA Jan 1, 1943, 5 mi E of Green Hill, Tunisia. MACR 15475 17930 w/o Apr 4, 1943 in fatal crash at Avon Park Bombing Range, FL 17937 (17th BG, 37th BS) crashed enroute Dec 1, 1942 at Accra, Gold Coast. 17943 (450th BS, 322nd BG, 9th AF) crahed from unknown cause at RAF Bassingbourn, Cambridgeshire, England Apr 26, 1943. (100th BG, 418th BS, "Stymie") one engine failed and turned back then hit by rocket fired from a fighter and crashlanded at Aalten, Netherlands on mission to Munster Oct 10, 1943. In landing accident Mar 6, 1944, salvaged Mar 7, 1944. 3273 (95th BG, "Impatient Virgin") damaged by enemy fire during mission to Munster Dec 23, 1943. 3282 (95th BG, 334th BS) shot down by Oblt Harry Koch in Fw 190A-6 of JG 1/6 at Hohenhausen, Germany Jul 28, 1943. MACR 15524 5172 (91st BG, 401th BS) lost Apr 17, 1943. Imported into Laos with the help of Air America, believed to be one of the two C-47s delivered to General Vang Pao's Xieng Khouang Air Transport as XW-PFX. On December 23, 1969 the left wing contacted a mountain and the aircraft crashed near Luang Prabang, Laos. By 1955 was PK-DPG of Garuda Indonesian Airways NV 93607 (MSN 13537) bailed from the USAF to Air America July 1966 as '607' (not B-607). Forced down in Alaskan bush near Beaver, Yukon Flats after engine failure Jan 16, 1965 with no injuries. 57794 (MSN 10164) to Bankers Life and Casualty Co of Chicago, IL Sep 1955 as N5121B, then Aviaparts Inc of Miami FL Feb 6, 1962. 57797 (MSN 10167) crashed Clinton, Louisiana Oct 17, 1948 57798 (MSN 10168) 57799 (MSN 10169) 57800 (MSN 10170) to Bankers Life and Casualty Co, Chicago, IL as N5126B 1957-1969. Dore near Claremont-Ferrand, France Nov 13, 1951 due to navigational error. 57802 (MSN 10172) to civilian registry as N6241C, then to Royal International Corp as N2065A, to Ohio Oil Co of Guatemala as TG-OOC-2.

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