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" Gustav was a descendant from the main branch of the Dupont Clan.

Although he was not one of the top five successors in line, he was still considered to have a rich supply of resources.

This was especially when Fang Can recently had a favor to ask of him in their businesses. I've met a lad claiming to be a member of the Fang Clan, and he wants one of my arms. " After hanging up the call, Gustav threw a sideward glance toward Fang Xingjian, as if wanting to see Fang Xingjian in a state of panic.

She had been very respectful toward him, so this was a good chance to make use of her. He knew that the Fang Clan had strict regulations, and the seniors had complete control of the juniors, even in terms of their marriages and future paths.

After Fang Can finished speaking, she first nodded at Gustav and then looked at Fang Xingjian. Fang Can's expression stiffened and said, "Do you know how long we've been looking for you? Do you still take the clan's regulations into consideration? Fang Can, Gustav, and Jessica were all sent flying and crying out in agony.Being the vice president of the Tianzhu Group, a company under Fang Clan, Fang Can was also one of the people with actual power in the Fang Clan A few months back, Gustav had followed his grandfather to pay a visit to the Fang Clan, and he had even met Old Granny Fang herself. Therefore, Gustav knew that Fang Xingjian was probably a nobody in the Fang Clan.This made Gustav want to make use of his connections to get Fang Can to come and teach Fang Xingjian a lesson personally.Therefore, when he saw that a man had appeared at Jessica's place, he was extremely unhappy. As a member of the Dupont Clan’s upper echelon, he had access to a rich supply of resources.Fang Xingjian smiled slightly, and as his finger curled up, a slight breeze blew. Not only had he been staying in Demonic City for a very long time, he had also long since reached level 29.

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