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The same legislation saved the Energy Investment Tax Credit (ITC), and the solar energy industry, from certain doom.

Previously, the ITC for solar energy was set to reduce to 10% after December 31, 2016.

Utility-scale wind projects continue to be eligible to claim the ITC in lieu of the PTC as long as the PTC is in effect.

Now that the solar energy industry is no longer peering anxiously into the abyss of a world without the ITC, we can start thinking about the type of ancillary effects this extension might have.

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El Poblenou thus exists, as the clash between two tissues; Two urban tracts that are concluding in a line of infrastructures; a skylin| Kino Coronas | 2017 | PFC | ETSAB | Tutores: Enric Mir, Anna Zubelzu equipamiento residencial para la tercera edad. Existe una problemática comarcal, en cuanto a la falta de tejido residencial para personas mayores, los cuales se están viendo obligados a trasladarse a comarcas vecinas, desprendiéndose así de un arraigo sentimental por el Sobrarbe.

| Marcos Santamaría Boyeras | 2015 | Proyectos V | ETSAB | Profesores: Jordi Adell El proyecto contempla la rehabilitación de la finca Vila Joana de Vallvidriera.

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Nowadays city planning often limits itself to demarcating areas in different colors and the market takes the lead from there.El projecte e| Pascal Deschenaux | 2016 | Master Thesis | ETH | Professor: Studio Adam Caruso Standing on the shoulders of giants I do not understand the appeal of “newness”.It is not that I have an aversion to the idea, but rather the belief that this is not the goal we should be striving towards.The form that’s taken so far is an overhaul to net metering policies.Solar energy systems produce at their max typically in the middle of the day when the sun is most directly incident on the modules.

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