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Just to be clear about me, I am not the bitter/jealous/angry/stalker ex-girlfriend.

Do I write to him and encourage him to tell her, or to re-think what he's doing?

One in particular ("Sara") was my best friend for almost 20 years.

I think you should look to date someone for whom the idea of a swinger website makes him want to slather himself in sanitizing gel. Husband Doesn't Feel Sad About 9/11: I have been married for 2-plus years to a man who is wonderful in many ways.Eighteen months into our heterosexual relationship, I caught him red-handed, browsing gay classifieds when I came home early one day.He confessed everything, telling me how he'd been confused since adolescence, felt religious/family/social pressures to be straight, that he had strategically thrown himself into athletics for the "macho" mask it would provide him, etc. She's a nice girl, works for a charity, writes a blog about her religious faith, etc., but it's precisely because of her religiousness (shared with his parents) that he would never tell her.A couple of them are even angry at me for cold shouldering Sara "for no apparent reason." I know they are well-meaning but it is driving me crazy. Did she say to your husband, "I know it's wrong, but I can't get you out of my mind and I want to have sex with you!" Or were you just overinterpreting some harmless flirtation?

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