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I’m going to pick on Comcast / XFinity about their terrible web application design. And what the hell am I supposed to do with that dialog box.They generate tons of pretty marketing collateral to try to convince prospective customers of their awesomeness, but that artisticness doesn’t seem to extend to existing customers. What, was the web developer late for lunch that day?

It’s not about selling licenses, it’s about getting the largest possible segment of their users to engage with their app.And really, what OTHER type of problem cold I be having at this point? And if you are a Web UI Designer with Human Factors Engineering (HFE) Experience, and you’re up for a massive challenge, send XFinity your resume – they clearly need you !In the meantime, what can you all tell me about Direct TV ? As such I’m designing the app to be user friendly for buth mouse and touch users and want a UI control that lets a user pick a score value between 10 and 1.And, for an organization like an airline, retail operation, health care provider, etc who has a large percentage of business customers, you probably need to cater to Windows Mobile users too (yes, even at it’s current state of adoption.) As an alternative to building the same app three times (Android, i OS, Windows Phone) there have been efforts like Phone Gap and HTML5 variants to let us write the app once and distribute to multiple targets, but they haven’t really worked very well.First, they reduce you application to the lowest common denominator (that functionality which is common to all devices). First, he was the primary author of the GNU Midnight Commander, a text-mode file manager for Linux similar to Norton Commander, without which I may have given up on becoming a Linux user.

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