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The following day, Ragland’s View Park-Windsor Hills home was swarmed by reporters, and a security guard in a Chevrolet truck sat outside, handing reporters a note with Britain’s royal family’s Kensington Palace letterhead at the top. After dating for the last year and a half, the couple got engaged this month in London.

Los Angeles Times More on Mexico’s housing Homex was a Wall Street-backed developer that reaped billions.

Archaeologists have found traces of these camps, such as the remains of hearths, and sometimes microlithic flint objects, to the north of the city.

Remains of settlements in the Amersfoort area from around 1000 BC have been found, but the name Amersfoort, after a ford in the Amer River, today called the Eem, did not appear until the 11th century.

Since leaving the show Lauri has had her share of personal troubles, which mainly revolve around her husband’s ex-wife Gina.

Lauri was unsure if her son would be an appropriate guest at her wedding, as he had recently moved in with George’s ex-wife, which Lauri viewed as a betrayal.

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She alleged on Facebook that her then-fourteen-year-old daughter had been missing for months: “74 days and BRIA PETERSON is Still Missing!

Ashley Zarlin, Lauri’s oldest daughter, tweeted, “Bria is not missing…she is being kept away from her mother and her mothers [SIC] destructive behavior.

Bria is loved by all of us and It is sad that her mother is so mentally unstable!

Lauri was brought on the show as a foil to the other affluent, married women who were living “behind the gates” in ritzy Coto de Caza; Lauri had once lived there as well, but was now living in a townhouse “outside the gates” with her two children, newly divorced.

We watched her through countless trials and tribulations: her adult daughter returning home to the already crowded townhouse, having to stay in a less-than-glamorous hotel on a work trip while Vicki stayed in a fancier one because Vicki could afford it, trying to find love, and most notably, her struggle to deal with her troubled teenage son who was dealing substance abuse issues.

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