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Why Couples Cams are so Popular The popularity of these couples on webcams is huge. In fact, live couples cams are predicted to take over the entire porn industry within a couple of years.That's because these live shows are much better than porn.Several of the victims that Operation Dark Room has revealed were in the infant age range.Many were grossly abused, and some of the abuse appears to be torture," the police said in a statement.You will be shown a recent image of what's going on in each live couples cam show.You will also be shown information such as their age, a short description about themselves and more.Thousands of visitors return daily to the site to see their male of choice.

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The Norwegian police believe the geographic distance and the use of webcams make the live broadcasts more brutal.

"The investigation shows that live streaming of sexual abuse is not a new type of crime, and we see that the orders and the execution of such abuses have been in progress for several years.

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