Dating a single parent father

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My friends joke around with me about the fact that they are proud I am in school and not stripping.Apparently, there is an assumption that typically single moms strip to support their Marissa Hicks I adore my daughter and love being a mother.However, no matter how hard I work to improve my life I still have to deal with the social stigma associated with being a single mom.I try to shrug it off and focus on the relationships I already have.I am a fabulous person with a great kid and anyone who assumes less of us is missing out!I’ve planned a life free from violence both for me and my child. I have noticed when I take my daughter to different classes I very quickly get dismissed by other moms as soon as they find out I am a single mom.They treat me like I have a disease, I might steal their husband or my child must be bad company for their child.

Being a good role model is important, as well as listening to your children and disciplining them appropriately.

Another stigma that gets under my skin is the comment I hear many men use, “single moms are easy, you know they put out.” It seems to be a common thought that single moms sleep around looking for attention from males.

I try not to let these comments get to me; however, I cannot always be there when my daughter is being judged.

I am not going to let other people diminish my hard work.

Nobody has the right to judge me or treat my daughter differently simply because I am a single mom.

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