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The Checkmate series began in 1966 in black tolex , beginning with tubes and gradually built only as solid state. In 1956 the name was changed to 'Nippon Ompa Kogyo Co'. In 1954 four tube amps were available- in two-tone light and dark tolex.Teisco was founded in 1946 by Atswo Kaneko, a renowned Hawaiian and Spanish guitarist, and Mr. The colors ran vertically with a wider band in the center which was slightly narrower than the grill cloth.They had round edges and looked a bit like '50s TVs.One was a small practice amp, two were about 15" tall and the fourth was very large with six 8" speakers!A spring reverb gives you reverb only through the 'echo box' .It could also be used as a stand alone amp with a dry sound i.e., no reverb coming through.

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Cabinet is made of 1/2" plywood, loaded with the factory 10" alnico speaker. 45 watts CHECKMATE 100 (tube) two channels plus a mic input, spring reverb and tremolo on channel two and the standard knobs on channel one.

They were rectangular cabinets with top-mounted controls. The Amp-71R had reverb and the Teisco-88 (probably a tube amp) had "Teisco" and a big "88" on the grillcloth. Known models so far: (note-the '1' in these model listings refers to one speaker and the '2' refers to 2 speakers, i.e.

model 71 has one speaker and model 72 has 2) "Echo Box"- 1-6" speaker, tubes: [email protected], [email protected], [email protected] rectifier The Teisco Echo Box was made as a 'reverb signal only' amp meant to be attached by alligator clips to the speaker posts on a 'master' amp.

Low wattage, perhaps 5-8 watts through a 6' speaker.

Red/White/Black speckled tolex approx 12"x 16" x 5" deep.

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