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In 1966, less than 100 people from the core crews of the carnival float cars lauched a Carnival tradition unique to Patras.

Many of the wild interactive challenges came from the mind of Alkis Steas.

[source: pdf] [The Carnival of Patras, Achaikes Publications, Patra 1987 the best known of all annual festival traditions.

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Carnaval Sunday begins on the following "pure" Monday so this is also known as "Meat-eating Sunday" Groups of people meet up in tavernas and homes to celebrate, with, of course, the inevitable accompaniment of wine and turning point for the present Carnival,when participation surged from thousands to tens of thousands and heightened awareness to have come in 1966 with the introduction of the "Treasure Hunt Game".Besides an encouragement for the women to act as the sexual aggressor there is also an equalization of the social classes, particularly among the women whose background as urban or working class cannot be distinguished.Christiana Grigoriou & Christina Metaxioti for their published research paper on "The Social Role and the Cultural Identity of Women in Patra" the special attention given by the women of Patra to their preparation for the Bourboulia " makes them all beautiful and they give-off a sense of self-confidence that they are the most beautiful women in the world.Patras was liberated on 7 October 1828 by the French expeditionary force in the Peloponnese, under the command of General Maison.In 1828 he was given command of the French expeditionary Corps in Morea (the Peloponnese peninsula in Greece) against Ibrahim Pasha.

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