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We hear people say, "there just wasn't any chemistry," to explain why their first date won't turn into a second.

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I remember feeling this incredible rush — it was the sexiest thing she’d ever done for me." Jenna "breezed." She was easy-breezy, didn't give a care about "The Rules" of dating (letting him make the first move and playing the "man"), gender roles, playing games and so on — she just told Channing straight up how she felt. They make flirty eye contact, smile and get to their point.‘If you suspect that you’re being benched, then suggest a coffee date as quickly as you can.‘If they can’t commit to that, then don’t take the bait the next time they get in touch.They’ll make the minimum effort required to keep you as an available option – which often means no face-to-face contact, just frequent texts about plans to meet up that never end up happening.Dating experts Selina and Vicki of Project Love – an online course that helps you totally change how you think about love and dating – explained to uk that online dating has helped benching become more common than ever before.

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