Dating darling

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Her approach is actionable, informed, and uniquely her own.

If you are struggling in the areas of dating and relationships she will be able to bring you clarity and easy to apply techniques.

I order cocktail number 4 instead. p.m.: I’m officially (slightly) intoxicated. p.m.: Maybe he isn’t so bad. p.m.: We leave the loud bar for a louder bar (introvert’s number-one nightmare). p.m.: My date is touching my leg in a way that feels like foreshadowing. p.m.: My date drinks another cocktail while I tear a napkin into little shredded bits, because this is a weird hamster-like habit of mine. p.m.: I don’t know what has happened.

One moment we were discussing our siblings, and the next there is a tongue in my mouth (and hint: it isn’t mine).

Past clients have shouted, “why don’t they share this information to women before their first date!?

”, “thank you for everything, I was so hurt after the breakup I didn’t realize it was the best thing that could have happened.

Everyone deserves to find happiness and if what you are doing now isn’t working for you she’ll help you switch it up!

ve kissed at least 62 people, ventured on half as many first dates, been in seven long-term relationships and five not-so-serious ones, taken 4.5 virginities and seriously thought I was going to marry two men. These are the events that followed: p.m.: I text my best friend in Berlin and ask her to stalk my date on Linked In since he’s not on Facebook. p.m.: I decide I will get ready in two minutes. p.m.: I choose to wear tights because I haven’t shaved my legs in three weeks. p.m.: I leave house eating piece of salami. p.m.: #Blessed for the sandy piece of gum I find at the bottom of my bag. p.m.: I approach the bar and consider leaving, but I know my neighborhood market grandma would be disappointed. p.m.: I spot my date in the bar! He is not great. p.m.: I walk the six minutes home. p.m.: I participate in an introvert’s dream: eating popcorn alone on the couch with a small dog.

Once you learn the secrets, you’ll never have to feel less than/jealous/frustrated again.

“I have worked with Kat for almost 5 years in the field of psychology and social work.

I cannot say enough wonderful things about how easy she is to work with and how on point her advice has been to the lives of so many.

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