Dating delft tiles

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During this period, sources of clays for the fabric and tin for glazing delftwaremade in the Low Countries and England were often the same.

Thus, it is difficult to identify the manufacture location of delftware dating to this period.

These were shipped with the colonists in large numbers, and were filled with provisions such as medicines, ointments, salves, jellies, and condiments.

When empty, their convenient sizes and shapes made them suitable for reuse.

Less tin was added to the exterior glaze, and it is rough and appears a dark grayish-white.

In 1567, two Antwerp potters, Jasper Andies and Jacob Jansen, established a pothouse in Norwich, England to make tiles and apothecary (or drug) jars.


We receive many, many inquiries to help people identify and value their delftware. They have both been created in recent years - the book, "Discovering Dutch Delftware" by Dr.

Delft is a tin-glazed pottery that has been made since the seventeenth century in Holland.

Delft was made in England in the eighteenth century.

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