Dating east yorkshire

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The area also boasts England’s best whale watching opportunities every autumn, or head inland where red kites, otters and exquisite avocets might top your list.For the golfer there are championship golf courses to whet the appetite.Other areas of interest include the spectacular Humber Bridge, the ocean discovery of The Deep in Hull and Fort Paull, a military Napoleonic Fort with a labyrinth of tunnels.Burnby Hall is home to the largest collection of water lilies in Europe.Now we truly believe we now have one of the best family festivals in the UK.Pre-sales so far have gone through the roof and we look forward to seeing you all again in the fields of East Yorkshire next August!The feedback this year has been nothing short of amazing.We take all your comments very seriously, reflect and improve the festival each year.

Hull, East Yorkshire's only City, is 2017 UK City of Culture and well worth a visit.A single musket ball would also make an unlikely companion … Both types belong to the inscribed local "North Eastern" coin series, produced in about 20-50, inscribed VOLISIOS DVMNOCOVEROS Obverse: VOLI/SIOS in two lines, bisecting vertical wreath-line Reverse: DVM N OCO [VE] inscription around right-facing horse Diameter: 17.05mm; Thickness: 1.31mm; Weight: 1.08g ABC, p.102, no. 980; 222-35) but further details are uncertain due to the condition of the coins.As this find consists of at least 7 silver coins which are over 300 years old it should be considered as potential Treasure as defined by the Treasure Act 1996.The coins carry the name(s) VOLISIOS DVMNOCOVE(ROS). Three of the eight coins carry the name(s) DVMNOCO TIGIR SENO, the other 5 the name(s) VOLISIOS DVMNOCOVEROS. ref.: 2012 T456 Circumstances of discovery Found by [name removed] with the aid of a metal detector, 3.5.12.All of the coins are of types usually ascribed to the Corieltavi. All of the coins are of types usually ascribed to the Corieltavi. The two coins are fused together, reverse to reverse, making closer identification impossible.

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