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Not only does it show up some of the toe-curlingly lame lines used by “well-rounded” male “ninjas” when trying to impress dates, but it also shows off the upcoming Ford of course (otherwise the Blue Oval brand wouldn’t have paid out the six figure sum such a video is likely to have cost to make).The hidden cameras roll as each man meets up separately with the same attractive, seemingly demure woman at a Dallas-area coffee shop under the auspices of a blind date.

Just swipe right to find out more.” And the branded profiles were interacted with by 1.5m users of the dating app, eventually resulting in five couples being selected for the blind dates, which were filmed for a promotional video.

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Second: The head is a low head, but there are two casting numbers on it: a 14 at the water outlet and another number at the other end. What I am thinking is that this is a 1917 block with the old serial number stamped on it at a later date. Steven, can't argue with Dan's take on the block casting date. hogshead, as those are soooo much lighter than an iron one.

The engine is turns freely and is good and greasy inside. The straight fan arm and steel hub fan are consistent with this date. If you look at the pan where the radius rod mates to the cup underneath, are there strengthening ribs pressed outwards either side of the casting, or is the pan surface relatively flat? Looks like great start for a non-starter 1917 engine. Owner discarded the iron hogshead from that '17 and put on his old aluminum one to make for less effort on re-lining the bands!

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