Dating gibson p 90 pickups

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In fact, my experience indicates that it is really difficult to find a Junior that qualifies as an outright dog.

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On a quiet Sunday afternoon, the group gathered at Montana Studios in Manhattan, where a total of 14 Les Paul Juniors were entered in the showdown.This initiative was designed to bring younger players into the Gibson fold and build brand loyalty, which would pay the company back when these players matured and purchased higher-margin, professional-level Gibson instruments.While Gibson’s margin of profit was very thin on these guitars, the Junior’s strong value credentials fueled substantial unit sales and overall profit.The showdown presented an opportunity to assemble a number of prime examples and the possibility of gaining a better understanding of what the key factors are behind great Junior tone.Tone hounds will agree that great tone is the result of a combination of factors and it is pointless to try to determine the relative importance of each.

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