Dating glacier layers

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The Incas and the Mayas of prehistoric times were the dying embers of an earlier civilization.The oldest records of mankind are right here in our own country, which was one of Mus first colonies ...

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What was in demand seemed impossible: a recipe for a fine steel to make armor plate for warships.

He is in direct opposition to oil professionals, who hold the belief that oil comes from decayed living matter like prehistoric flora and fauna, now in alleged "scarcity." (Gold allows for some biologicals seeping into the methane.) In 1991, a discovery was made of a massive coal deposit in Victorias Latrobe Valley, underlain by white kaolin clay - hardly an indication of swamp origin! ) In this new millennium, it is of vital importance to ascertain the truth of oils origin, so that hostile countries are not depended upon for its supply.

Strangely, James Churchwards main claim to fame was not publication of the MIL books, but his inspired invention of NCV Steel, the patent wars surrounding it, and its manufacture for use by the USA and Allies in WWI. treasured his photo of the Colonel in full uniform, but his commission may have been brief.

James argued that there was more evidence for an exodus from Mu west to the Americas.

"there was an attempt to correlate the teachings of Ra in Egypt, Saneid in India, with that of the Gobi or Mongolia, the Persian, of Og and Atlantis, Carpathian, the Pyrenees with that of La, Mu, or Lemuria... C., in Gobi land after most had left Lemuria" and "Sacred books, then, were the writings from the Temple of the Sun as well as from Mu" This Temple was in what is now the Gobi Desert (then fertile and temperate), the buried ruins of Kara Khota, legendary "City of Gold," (excavated partially by Russian archaeologist Peter Kozlov in 1896) due west of Ulan Bator, capital of Mongolia.

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