Dating guidelines parents

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Check-ins: Have your teen call at set times to check in with you and let you know where they are and that they are okay.

Transportation: Set rules about who they are allowed to ride in a car with simply as a matter of safety.

Its a good idea to stop and think about yourself as a teenager before you set out to create the perfect teen dating rules.

Every teenager and parent is different and each parent has different ideals and expectations for their child.

By keeping things in the positive, you are less likely to be met with rebuttals and angry outbursts.

When it comes to talking about sex in particular, you need to make it very clear to your teen why you do not want them engaging in sexual activity at such a young age.

Let your teen know that you trust them to do the right things and make the right choices.

Once they start dating, its extremely important that they feel they can come to you with questions and concerns.

While there is not a universal handbook of teen dating rules, there are many basic rules that almost any household can implement.

The basics include: Curfew: Have a set time that your teen is expected to be home.

Teenagers are known for being strong-willed and hard-headed; the more you tell them they cant do something, the more they want to do it.

When youre a parent, its easy to forget how you felt when you were a teen; all the fights with your parents and missed curfews.

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