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When she falls in love for "Cesario", she is very concerned about losing her composure, but can't control herself.: Olivia's jester, a comedian-singer who used to entertain Olivia's father.

In contrast to Olivia, she does not withdraw from the world to mourn.

It marked the end of the festive season with the arrival of the wise men. You can decide for yourself whether the themes of the play remind you of the gifts of the magi.

Sometimes the holiday was celebrated by breaking society's conventions, with masters waiting on servants, and people being allowed to play whatever roles they wanted ("what you will").

It was his job, when it was necessary, to speak plainly to the king and to tell him the blunt truth. In Shakespeare's time, the Advent season was penitential, and the Christmas celebrating only began on December 25th.

In "Twelfth Night", behind all the humor, both the jester and the play tell a truth that is at once happy and sad. "Twelfth Night" is January 5-6, the twelfth night after Christmas; you know the song about the twelve days.

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