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The jury that convicted Richard Beasley of murder last month recommended that he face execution and Judge Lynne Callahan chose not to reduce the sentence this morning to life in prison, uttering under her breath as the killer left the court room 'I think I'm going to be sick.'The judge read the three death sentences in a hushed courtroom crowded with victims' relatives, some of them holding back tears, Beasley skipped the chance to speak to the judge before the sentencing.

The 18 Census found them in Lawrence Co., PA, with two children: Robert R. This would coincide with his omission in his father's will, and also with the 1900 Census which listed Adeline R. He operated an engine for the Etna Furnace Company for a year, and then bought a tobacco business, which he conducted for twelve years. Fulkerson embarked in a coal business, and continued in the same until 1903, when the Lawrence Ice Company bought him out. He was listed on the 1880 Census in New Castle, Lawrence Co., PA with a wife named Diana, born ca. dutiful son cared for his parents in their last days; in due time as a recompense for his services he was given the homestead and part of the land, on which he built a house, in 1861, where he now resides. James FULKERSON...appears to be the James found in Bellevue, Jackson Co., Iowa at the time of the 1880 Census, age 50 with a wife Priscilla, age 46, b. They had two children, Louis (11) and Mattie (2), both born in Iowa. at Fredricksburg, Frederick Co., VA, moved to PA, m. at New Castle, Lawrence Co., PA (listed in the 1850 Census in that county). He was listed among the members of the Warrior Run Presbyterian Church when it was founded in 1789. (The latter surname had been associated with the Fulkerson clan for more than 150 years by 1857.) Edmund FULKERSON....- June 1862. Swoope, Jr., (Chicago: Richmond-Arnold Publishing Company, 1911), we learn a little about her own family: Simon Stanley was a forgeman by trade and worked as such during his earlier years, but later engaged in farming, and after moving to Gulich township, Clearfield county, carried on agricultural operations during the rest of his active life. He was "living in Blossburg, Pa., when the war broke out and enlisted from there Feb., 1864, at the age of 37 years as a private in Co. Enoch Fulkerson, in Blossburg, on Tuesday of last week, after a short illness." She was buried at the Blossburg Cemetery. All were looking for a fresh start in life, prosecutors said repeatedly during the trial.Beasley, who returned to Ohio from Texas in 2004 after serving several years in prison on a burglary conviction, claimed at trial that Davis had in fact pulled a gun on him in retaliation for Beasley serving as a police informant in a motorcycle gang investigation. He was then appointed to take charge of the county and city bridges, and has been in active life until 1897, when he retired; he resides in a house he built in 1847, and besides owning one adjoining, which he built in 1836, he owns another tenement property in a different part of the town, besides a number of lots. From that he went to the oil fields and spent five years mainly in the oil contracting business. Fulkerson enlisted for service in the Civil War, entering Company A, One Hundred and Thirty-fourth Regiment, Pennsylvania Volunteer Infantry. After being discharged from the hospital, he returned to his regiment, and soon after experienced a sun-stroke, from which he has never fully recovered. The 5 dead ones must have died as children as only 7 names appear in any census starting in 1850." ... They settled in Northumberland Co., PA in 1785 and had nine children. Machinery at length invaded the domain of his trade, and the resulting competition and low prices was too much for our subject, so he turned his attention to carpentry work, which he has followed for some twenty years. The "20th Century History of New Castle and Lawrence County Pennsylvania and Representative Citizens" (p. Early in his business life he was employed in a dry goods store at Youngstown, Ohio, for one year, when he entered the nail factory and worked in factories of this kind for ten years, in Youngstown, New Castle and Pittsburg. He was wounded at Charles City Cross Road, losing by the fortune of war the end of one finger; and having his collar-bone and three ribs broken. Richard reportedly had a total of 17 children, of whom 15 are known - 2 by Rosanna MACKEY, 10 by Delilah LEEPER, 1 by Mary CAIRNS and finally 2 by Amanda CARSON: Joseph Thornton FULKERSON....b. at New Castle, Lawrence Co., PA, buried at Greenwood Cemetery in New Castle. She gives her birth as July 1824, that she was a widow who had had 12 children with 7 alive in 1900. certificate of marriage between John FOLKERSON..Catharine SLAUGHT... A later family record (in Tioga Co., PA) stated he was wounded in the head at the battle of Yorktown, October 1781. The 1899 Tioga County Directory for the Blossburg Borough listed a Jeremiah Fulkerson on River St., once again working as a carpenter.

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