Dating mating and marriage catchy opening lines for dating sites

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She slips over the hill and has sex with another man.

Well she’ll get extra goods and resources and extra meat, extra protection.

We tend to be drawn to people who have a different set of genes in this part of the immune system and, in fact, when the data show that when you are with a partner who is very similar to you in this part of the immune system women particularly are more likely to be adulterers and more likely to be adulterers when they’re ovulating, when they’re more likely to get pregnant.

I think we’ve evolved these three distinctly different brain systems for mating and reproduction – sex drive, feelings of intense romantic love and feelings of deep attachment. You can fall in love with somebody, drives up the dopamine system, triggers the testosterone system and all of a sudden they’re the sexiest person in the whole world. You can lie in bed at night and feel deep attachment for one person and then swing wildly into feelings of intense romantic love for somebody else and then swing wildly into feeling the sex drive for somebody who you barely ever met. You’ve got a man who’s got a wife, a partnership, and two children.

Sometimes when we look at all the pain and hurt in the world, it seems like God doesn’t care about what we’re going through.

Let's look about it at our new website Questions God.

If her husband gets injured and dies one of these extra lovers might come in and help her with her children, even think some of those children are his. And she may even have an extra child and create more genetic variety in her lineage.

Of course not everyone cheats, so it's not necessary for survival, but if we dial back ten thousand years, to a time when resources were more scarce, adultery would have helped genes survive the present generation and be passed onto the next.

Those children will live and pass on whatever it is in him, some of the genetics, some of the brain circuitry to be predisposed to adultery. A lot of people think that they’re not as adulterous but every time there’s a man sleeping around he’s generally sleeping around with a woman so you’ve got to explain women too.

What would a woman have gotten if she’s had a partner a million years ago and two children.

A predisposition doesn’t mean that you’re necessarily going to be adulterous.

I mean, you can have a predisposition to alcohol and give up drinking.

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