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UC Irvine Health medical oncologists are at the forefront of cancer treatment with chemotherapeutic drugs, biological agents and therapies that work with the patient’s immune system.Our medical oncologists are part of a team that treats patients affected by a wide range of cancers and blood disorders.

Michael Flynn, the sixth of Helen and Charlie Flynn's nine children, was born at Fort Meade, in Maryland, where his father was posted with the U. They packed the family into the tiny seaside cottage once owned by Michael's grandmother in blue-collar Middletown.

Flynn writes in his book, "The Field of Fight," of the "never-ending revolving search to nab one of a few fold-up cots or a bunk bed that was open."Allen Corcoran grew up as best friends with Flynn's youngest brother, Charlie, now an Army major general, who's second-in-command over Army forces in the Pacific.

Corcoran recalled one night during a sleepover at the Flynn household when he fell asleep in a bed and woke up on a couch.

He'd go out in circumstances where others wouldn't do it," Corcoran said.

Friends remember him as a leader, someone who inspired others.

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