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For me, it’s important to keep my boundaries up until I feel like I’ve gotten to know the person well.

My “don’t-sleep-with-anyone-else-while-you’re-sleeping-with-me” rule is one of those boundaries, because I’ve learned I fall hard for men after we’ve been intimate, and I don’t like sharing.

I cried in the cab on the way home, while the driver passed me tissues through the change slot in the plexiglass that separated us. But by mid-afternoon, I realized that I had learned an important lesson in the act of DTR.

Rushing the labels in my relationships allowed me to overlook a lot of the red flags that would typically keep me from moving forward with a person.

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With Jude, I saw the red flags, and realized he wasn’t a person I wanted to move forward with.” I told him that I wasn’t one to rush into things (practice makes perfect, guys), but that I wanted to find someone to build a relationship with. But when you like someone, and your schedules align, and you’re in that beginning flush of a new relationship, and you’re stoked as fuck, then it’s easy to get carried away.He told me he was too, but that he’d just gotten out of a relationship, so he wanted to take things “slow.” I agreed, and we started to see each other. Jude and I were spending the night at one another’s places every time we hung out, we texted or G-chatted all day, I was cooking him dinner on certain days of the week when we worked late, and he’d met my friends over fried chicken while I met his over veggie phó. But on the other hand, I was getting to know things about him that I really didn’t like — he was a bit macho, he was stubborn, he seemed hung up on his ex, and he once looked at me square in the eyes and told me that he respected Steve Bannon for his intelligence.has been an innovator helping singles find love online since 2002.We were the first dating site to offer instant messaging/web cam chat and now we're changing the industry again by introducing a personal complement to online dating - personal matchmaking.

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