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Read more & more Michael suffered a hemorrhage, and lost at least a quarter of his blood.

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Read more & more According to the coroner, the baby died due to lack of oxygen because of prolonged delivery.Some religious sects engage in beliefs or practices that go far beyond the norm, and are dangerous to the health or well-being of their own members. Read more about religious fundamentalism Here are 2,370 people who were harmed by someone not thinking critically. They withheld medical care for his abdominal tumor until grew larger than a volleyball.Caught early, this type of tumor is curable 90% of the time. Read more Her parents knew she was sick, and prayed for her. They never called for medical assistance until she was already dead. Read more Complications during birth can be dealt with, provided medical practitioners are present.They were charged with felony child abuse and put on probation. A medical examiner later said the boy would have been "overwhelmed with fever and pain" and basic antibiotics would have cured him.Read more Calebs parents, devout Seventh-Day Adventists, tried to feed him using a vegan diet and herbal remedies. Read more & more He got an ear and sinus infection that caused severe vomiting. Read more She believed a televangelist could cure her cancer, and she spend thousands on his ministry.

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