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Such strict conduct has been one of the main causes for the rise of so many different protestant churches in Brazil.

New churches with more relaxed codes of conducts started to pop up everywhere in Brazil to the point that having one single street with three different protestant churches is not uncommon.

As Brazil was shaping its cultural identity and immigrants began to arrive, new religious patterns have started to be developed.

Apart from the Portuguese, Brazil was also strongly colonized by African people, who came to the country as slaves.

According to the last census, the Brazilian population is constituted by: According to a study made by Galileu magazine, there are 125,5 million Catholics in Brazil.

The Brazilian Catholic Church has 10.218 parishes, 298 bishops and 18.685 priests.

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The Catholic Church in Brazil is divided into three major groups: The one with the greatest number of followers is the Roman Catholic Apostolic Church, with a total number of 123.280.172 followers, according to the 2010 Census.

This introduction of Catholicism to indigenous people was very violent and nearly erased all the religious and cultural features of these communities.

This is why we don’t see indigenous communities among the major religions practiced in Brazil.

“Congregação Cristã do Brasil” (or “Brazilian Christian Congregation in free translation), for example, prohibit its female followers to get a haircut and wearing pants or shorts, having their clothing basically restricted to long dresses and skirts.

They were also prohibited of wearing makeup and painting their nails.

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