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In life I am positive, energetic, purposeful, but at the same time calm person. I am engaged with sport, listen to good music, and happily dance to it. I don't have any special points for finding my love, cause everyone is special. So I think I'll feel my soulmate and will share candies with him=)So,do you wanna have a candy-girl in your life?

=) I don't wanna find the person I can live with,but the one I can't live without... I like active life and I like discovering new things. It is so difficult to communicate with a man who is serious, no matter what happened. My roles are various lives I live through on stage, I spend my emotions and get a lot in return from spectators.

I can cook well and I think every girl should know how to do that. I value the time spent with books especially if you can take something for your real life. Not without reason speak that a loved one - always perfect. I also do contemporary dances which help me to feel my own body and get mental relaxation. I enjoy getting to know something useful and informative.

I also like social activities like singing, dancing and just spending my time with a good company. And loved one I would excite even his faults, I will exalt them and be touched. I like to spend my free time walking outdoors, having a barbecue.

Give me your love and care, and I'll be your best friend and most beloved woman in your life. Another hobby of mine is knitting and I often please my close people with my own creations.

Age is not important for me, as I am looking not for age, not for the particular country, I am looking for the personality. I am interested in different cultures and it will be interesting to me to see the world together with my beloved man.You could prove that you are confident,attractive,successful and mature but still young again easier here.Why not join us to start your fantastic cougar cub adventure?As soon as I feel that I can trust him, I will follow him anywhere all over the world. I need a man who will be sincere and kind, warm hearted and strong, playful and passionate.I am looking for this special cocktail of feelings when you just know that this is your person and can be completely open with him, I really miss this cocktail of friendship, passion, love and romance in my life.

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