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The latest Wall Street Journal/NBC News poll shows Democrats with a 20-point edge among women on control of Congress.That lead is larger than the 12-point Democratic edge among women during the last midterms, in 2014.As a group, they hit two weak spots for the GOP: The party traditionally trails among women, and, more recently, it has slid in popularity among college graduates overall.Stephanie Martin, a 44-year-old mother in Chapel Hill, N.College educated women, and white college educated women specifically, have traditionally voted GOP.They've been moving toward the Democrats for a while, but now they are making the shift in large numbers. Trump is viscerally repulsive to most women, although he obviously feels he's God's great gift to the ladies.The Democratic advantage is even bigger among women with college degrees.These women would rather see Democrats than Republicans lead Congress by 32 percentage points, 62% to 30%, far larger than the party’s edge among these women in the past two midterm years, the latest Journal/NBC News survey found.

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But women with college degrees have moved most dramatically over time.

College-educated women make up about 15% of the voting-age population, but they account for a larger share in 39 of the 60 or so House districts likely to have the most competitive races next year.

In some, they account for as much as 28% of voting-age residents.

The party will “do bold things that work and prove our principles in practice,’’ House Speaker Paul Ryan said recently.

Journal/NBC News polling has found that women without college degrees also have moved toward favoring Democratic control of Congress in recent midterm elections, as have men with and without degrees.

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