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Founded in 1911 to serve the then-growing Russian Orthodox community, St. To help keep his aging congregation involved, Father Michael Slovesko, called from semiretirement five years ago, is busy overseeing a 0,000 project to install restrooms, as well as an elevator, inside the church.

John the Baptist Church is just two blocks from St. Those immigrant Russians were, in fact, from the Carpathian Mountains and Galicia, in what is now Ukraine. The elevator, he says, will enable wheelchair-bound parishioners to attend church again; it will also make it easier to bring caskets in for funerals.

With few opportunities locally, almost all the young have left.

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Wanda Wanko, 91, who embraced Orthodoxy in 1932, is the oldest; Eugene and Shirley Gingo, in their late 50’s, are the youngsters in the group.

The immigrants saw opportunity in the dirty, dangerous jobs in the mines.

Devoted to their families and churches, these hard-working people shaped the resilient character of the coal region.

Like many Austro-Hungarians, these people did not have a clear sense of ethnic identity.

Their faith, Catholic or Orthodox, set them apart from their neighbors.

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