Dating uses properties atoms

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While boosting my health, energy and well-being immensely, they have saved me tremendous amounts of money on groceries too as my body seems not to need nearly as much food when all the minerals are provided, especially calcium and magnesium.Because most commercialized food comes from plants grown in mineral-depleted soils throughout the world, the modern American diet (MAD) provides only one tenth or less than all the minerals actually needed for optimal health.Whole Joy Home Page Site Map Transmute Alchemy Super Foods Breatharian Diet Breatharianism, Why?Building Ojas Guidelines for LOL Monoatomic Elements Nature's Conspiracy Pranic Healing Pranic Principle Prana Diet Second Chakra Sexual Wholeness Science of Wholeness - 1 Science of Wholeness - 2 Transmutation of Sex Transmuting Sex Monatomics are single ("mono") atoms ("atomics") not bound to one another.Sea salt is also known to contain what is termed "ormus" (white powder gold) and there are various ways to extract it that you can find on the internet.However other stuff can get concentrated into the mixture as well which could be harmful such as lead, mercury, cadmium and arsenic, and taking the right dose is critical.As separate atoms, they act very differently and much more mysteriously as compared to when they are joined together to form metals.

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Many plants are known to contain these elements even many of the vegetables and herbs grown for our food, especially if the soil in which they are grown is of volcanic origin.

It is far better to get your ormus from a trusted commercial source if you are still unfamiliar with all the tricky aspects of creating your own ormus.

Monatomic gold is also not to be confused with gold salts (gold chloride) which are toxic, and are not the same thing as colloidal gold either, which is still metallic in nature.

Usually gases such as helium and argon are said to be "monatomic." However the monatomic atoms we are concerned with are those derived from or related to metals and rare earth elements such as gold, platinum, rhodium, ruthenium, palladium, iridium, indium, titanium, silver, copper and magnesium.

In their monoatomic (separate) state, these atoms no longer behave as metals because no valence electrons are available for chemical reactions to occur.

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