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Then again this is something that no individual with even a basic sense of social courtesy should do.People send and receive texts seemingly at random – they never know when to expect a text message. But it is extremely rude and more than a little cruel to send a "We need to end this" text message without knowing what the recipient is doing at that specific moment.‘It’s not you, it’s me’ – just this one line in a text message inbox can be enough to hurl someone from rosy dreams of being in love to hard reality of a breakup.the looming danger of having ‘the talk’ or even receiving a Dear John letter is now being replaced by a short, crisp digital message indicating the end of a relationship.New research by Mobile Phone Checker has found that 73% of men have ended their relationship over a text message, phone call or social media instead of meeting to do it.Only 44% of women revealed that they had dumped their partner over text or other method, while 62% had been dumped compared to 47% of men via some digital device.

Though the jury may be out on who does it more often – men or women – there is no doubt that breakup text messaging is on the rise.At the very least, they can pick up your phone and dial the partner’s number.If text message breakup can be hard on the one being dumped, it can also leave a bad aftertaste for the one doing the dumping.Above all, a text message may not make your intentions or the reasons of the breakup completely clear.Rarely will a text message accomplish what a conversation can.

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